Understanding SEO...

Search engine optimisation is the practice of optimising a website to improve quality of traffic inflow to the site. The volume of browsers can be increased by adopting an ethical effective SEO strategy to improve ranking on most search engines.

Better understood as the process of modifying a web site for the 'spiders/robots'(computer programs of search engines) sent to crawl(scan) on websites and extract the search requirements. SEO involves optimisation of the website to enable these spiders to "find pages" by presenting them with keywords/information which would enable the search engine to index them for the users and ranking the website.

Search engines have made clear guidelines which form the basis of SEO strategy. SEO terminology defines an acceptable strategy as a 'white hat' and deceptive or unacceptable strategy as 'black hatí. A SEO strategy should always aim at providing the crawlers with quality content within acceptable practices and should not be aimed at 'cloaking' i.e.-a website is programmed to provide different content to search engines than the user. Any such website that uses distorting search ranking programmes may be banned from search engines.

The questions that arise now are- what is an effective ethical SEO strategy? what generates return on Investment without disturbing the search engine ethics? what is the design that would optimise and improve ranking? what SEO strategy would improve quality traffic to the website? what would result in clear presentation of content to make a browser turn into a buyer?what will make them come back?

Our Team at Web leasing Ltd is ready with all the answers...

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